The modern Casino environment encompasses shopping areas, vignettes, changeable fixtures and displays, bars, offices, staff spaces and even valet services. Consumer facing systems include video screens for information and advertising, communication, zoned music to target each themed area, lighting, automated shades, intelligent security, paging and VIP customer recognition. Encore AV systems work simply for staff and remotely for management.


Guests entering your Public Rooms are greeted by beautiful décor and discrete technology to enhance the experience. Bars have mounted at-screen HDTVs giving guests multiple viewing options. On-demand video, audio and gaming keeps guests engaged. Upscale Dining features exact lighting control for proper mood, background music, hidden security cameras and HVAC control.


Enhance your business meetings with the latest technology in your conference room. We are able to seamlessly integrate all of the systems of an automated conference room; from projectors to lighting to audio/video and overall control.